What are BESC Bonds and what are they for?

What is it?

Besc are preferred securities of the Banco do Estado de Santa Catarina. These bonds were first taken over by Banco do Brasil and then by Caixa Economica Federal. Today, private banks accept these bonds through lawsuits.

What are they for?

To be placed through lawsuits as collateral for the release of seizures, settlement of contracts with banks provided that the lawsuits have been filed, settlement of taxes, release of CND and others. We have been successful in our actions with a reduction of up to 70% in the total debt.

Why is it the solution?

On January 30, 2008, Banco do Brasil S.A. incorporated BESC - Banco do Estado de Santa Catarina.

As a result of this merger, it became responsible not only for the assets, but mainly for the liabilities of BESC.

These liabilities include all of the bank's existing preferred shares, both class A and class B, which Banco do Brasil did not pay out to the shareholders at the time of the merger.

These shares have become the responsibility of Banco do Brasil, and several courts are handing down favorable decisions regarding the acceptance of these shares as collateral and the release of assets that are linked to debts with other banks, as well as the subsequent offsetting of these debts.

About Incorporation

In order to make the merger possible, the President of the Republic issued Decree No. 6,380 on February 20, 2008, which excluded BESC and BESCRI from the PND.

As a result of the merger, Banco do Brasil will become the universal successor to BESC and BESCRI, with regard to all their assets, rights and obligations, without any solution of continuity.

The incorporation of BESC by Banco do Brasil was approved on September 30, 2008, by the shareholders' meetings of both companies and is the result of joint efforts between the parties.

The shares are transferred by means of a Public Deed of Assignment of Rights or a public power of attorney, in order to effectively prove the client's ownership when the shares are offered.

The shares are in the form of certificates which are monetarily updated by means of an appraisal report and their suitability must be proven by authenticity reports, both of which are carried out by renowned experts in the market.

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